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    Mutifunction Twitter and Weibo Client
    " Crowdroid "

    The name of "Crowdroid" is a coinage of “Crowdsourcing” and “Android”. It means that enterprises, institutions (including government, schools, hospitals, etc.) can use CrowdSourcing service with Android devices. Crowdroid is a mutifunction twitter and weibo client. You can use many microblogging services on it, including Twitter, Sina MicroBlog, Tencent MicroBlog, Sohu MicroBlog and Crowdroid for Business. Meanwhile, Crowdroid has additional functions such as Tweet Translation, wallpaper change, font size change, and image upload.

    Functions and Screen shots

    Multi Client
    anhui oss
    anhui oss
    anhui oss
    You can choose a microblogging service (Twitter, Sina, Tencent, Sohu, RenRen, Crowdroid for Business) from the login page.

    TimeLine/Tweet Translation Function
    anhui oss
    anhui oss
    Tweet Translation --1 
    Tweet Translation –2

    Wallpaper / Font Customization
    You can customize your TimeLine with your favorite wallpaper and font color
    anhui oss
    anhui oss
    anhui oss
    Set wallpaper in the Settings interface
    Change font color
    Change font size

    Auto Refresh & Notification
    anhui oss
    anhui oss
    anhui oss
    Set refresh interval to detect whether there are new tweets

    Using bit.ly to shorten URL
    1. Press the “S” button
    2. Press bit.ly button
    3. Press OK button to send shortened URL

    Support TwitLonger

    1. Please read the help file in the application to know more functions
    2. Please click hereto check the older version of Crowdroid

    Please click here to download.

    Price & License
    Free(Apache License 2.0)
    ※Please click here to download the source code

    Please contact us
    E-mail :crowdroid@anhuioss.com

    “Crowdroid” is a registered trademark of Anhui OSS in China, The other related words like company name or product name is registered trademark of each company.
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