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             Simple IME is an input method editor which covers less space of mobile phone screen than other IMEs. And it is also a smart input method. However, the default IME in Android operating system covers half of cell phone screen or 1/3 part of the screen. Simple IME doesn't like that. It has only one row soft keyboard. You will enjoy using Simple IME.

    anhui oss
    anhui oss
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    anhui oss
      Default Input Method Editor                   Simple IME

    At present, Simple IME is available for English language. We will support Chinese language and Japanese language in the future.

    ★ Simple IME release plan

    Pre-Alpha Version Release completed!
    Simple IME Alpha Version Release completed!(*Impud autocomplete function by web search is added.)
    α Version Release2 Released.(※Added the cooperation function with Crowdroid.)
    Beta Version Q1, 2011(Support Chinese pinyin)
    Product Release Q2, 2011(Support Japanese)

    ★ Easy manual and key map

    Please click here to view the key map.

    ★ Download

                                        apk                                     source code

    ※Simple IME is availavle on Android Market too.

    ★ License

    Simple IME is under Apache 2.0 license.

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